Honeybet Cavaliers

Honeybet Hot Shoe Shuffle

5.10.2001 - 7.06.2007

Welcome to Cherie's page Honeybet Hot Shoe Shuffle
Cherie at 6 weeks

Cherie pictured at 6 weeks old.

Jezano on Silent Wings to Tayfern Double First at Tayfern CH Hilarny The Don Hilarny The Gambler
Henrietta At Hilarny
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CH Hurleaze Naughty But Nice
Matel Yellow Rose of Texas at Jezano Fittlewood The Builder CH Alberto of Kindrum
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Tregarronn My Happiness at Matel Cinola Paper Moon of Jansara
Tregarron Captive Dream
Honeybet Hot n Spicey Millhill Honeybet Ensemble CH Millhill Le Monde AKC Ch Hometown Ever Hopeful at Millhill
Millhill La Fraise
Millhill Fait Bien at Honeybet Maibee Manhatton of Hometown
Millhill La Parisienne
Honeybet Hot Gossip Honeybet Jus De La Cassis CH Hilarny Rely on Robin
Millhill La Cassis
Hazelbury Dollybird Homerbrent Caradoc at Hazelbury
Hazelbury Opal

Cherie is Jodie's daughter born in October 2001.

Cherie had a very sucessful start to her show career, at her third show, Bath Championship, she won the Minor Puppy Bitch class to qualify her for the CKCS Pup of the Year competition and Crufts 2003.

Cherie tragically died soon after the birth of her first litter and is sorely missed.

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