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Honeybet Hot 'N Sassy

10.1.2009 ~ 14.10.2019

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Jessica was born in January 2009 and is Roxy's daughter.



From winning her first Puppy class at her first show in 2009, Jessica flew through 2010 winning 4 Crufts qualifying classes in Junior and Yearling, in fact she qualified 7 times.

Jessica won Post Graduate Bitch Crufts 2012

Honeybet Hot ‘N’ Sassy This Blenheim is up to size for me, for a bitch, my only criticism. She is in balance with excellent reach of neck, good shoulders, lovely deep chest with super rib and plenty of angulation behind, so very sound on the move. Clean markings, rich chestnut on pearly white background, put down in beautiful condition and so focussed on her handler. Delicious dark eyes and jet pigment. Judge Miss S Maclaine

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