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Honeybet Headliner

15.06.1995 - 20.08.2009

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CH Millhill Le Monde AKC Ch Hometown Ever Hopeful at Millhill Indianna Maibee Homaranne Polruan
Maibee A Christmas Rose
Hometown Queen of Clover Ricksbury Playing Cool
Hometown Lavender Box
Millhill La Fraise Gayhalo The Sorcerer CH Talark Jamie Lad of Lymrey
CH Harrowood Halloween Crystal
Salbrie For You at Millhill Bournsideway Pour Toi at Millhill
Salbrie Nima Daybreak
Millhill Fait Bien at Honeybet Maibee Manhatton of Hometown Rytonian Brandy Snap of Hometown Eng Ch Homaranne Carson
Rytonian Tear Maria
Maibee Monica Rytonian Rum Snatch
Maibee A Mockingbird
Millhill La Parisienne AKC Ch Hometown Ever Hopeful at Millhill Indianna Maibee
Hometown Queen of Clover
Millhill La Fraise Gayhalo The Sorcerer
Salbrie For You at Millhill

Oscar was a Summer 1995 baby and it was a difficult decision as to what to keep from the litter, in the end we kept two.

Oscar developed earlier than Frank and had the usual Puppy awards at local shows. In August 1996 however he was entered in Junior at the City of Birmingham Championship Show.

We were taking Marian's parents to their first ever dog show, got lost, arrived late and had to go straight in the ring. He won two classes and we were celebrating him qualifying for Crufts when we had to go in for the Dog Challenge.

We could hardly disguise our delight when he won the Dog CC and qualified for life !

Our only disappointment being we have not been able to find any photographs of his successful day.

paw mark

1996 continued as our best and busiest year of showing to date with Oscar gaining 8 Championship Show places.

Honeybet Headliner as a Junior

This photograph was taken around the time of his success.

In 1997 he gained 2nd in Limit at Manchester but as a youngster he was outclassed in having to enter in higher classes as a result of his CC.

He did get 2 more VHC placings.

Honeybet Headliner It's rare to get a photo of Oscar but this one was taken in 1999 whilst he relaxed at home on his favourite chair.

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